Developing a business development plan that includes opportunities for

  • promoting and developing the organisation’s brand in India
  • providing programmes in collaboration in India
  • collaborative research and professional development
  • recruiting students
  • developing alumni network
  • marketing and promotional activities

Providing services that include:

  • Developing and managing the organisation’s office in India by creating dedicated infrastructure
  • Developing and managing network of student recruitment agents and individual consultants to facilitate recruitment of students.
  • Provide in country services to facilitate quick turn around for student recruitment
  • Establishing brand name of the organization in the country. Developing and implementing marketing plans
  • Developing and printing promotional material
  • Managing all promotional activities such as placing advertisements, organizing events for promotion of the University and its activities in the region.
  • Providing market intelligence on opportunities for partnerships for in-country delivery / twinning arrangement with institutions for delivery of programmes.
  • Managing all financial and administrative aspects for managing and running operations in India
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